Our company has been manufacturing furniture for over twenty years in our factory in Indonesia. We’ve grown our company with the philosophy of top quality, best design and professional service. With over a decade of experience, we source the best teak and hardware materials so as to complement our ’art of craftsmanship’. We strive to give our clients the best quality and value.

Any of our teak furniture can be custom made to suit any design or size. So please talk to us about your creative ideas. We have a wide client base and have done numerous projects in commercial and interior design. We are committed to precision and quality.

Furniture has always been a part of our family’s life. The founder of the factory, James Tirtoprodjo, collected and restored antiques, slowly growing his business from a few carpenters working out of his home, to purchasing land in Blitar, Java, Indonesia for a workshop employing over 25 people. Prior to opening the shop front in Seattle and Sydney, we have been producing furniture for customers in Asia, Europe & North America.

James spent countless hours driving through the night, knocking on doors of antique dealers and hand selecting furniture. James Tirtoprodjo’s private collection of Javanese antiques are featured in the publication Javanese Antiques and Folk Art, The David Smith and James Tirtoprodjo Collections.

As business owners, our goal is to remain true to our heritages by demonstrating loyalty in all areas of our work. We seek to blend traditional and contemporary styles in the design of our furniture.

Our family’s workshop has employed many of our craftspeople for over 20 years. Employees are paid above market hourly wages, provided health benefits, and in many situations our family will pay for employee’s children to attend school (Indonesia does not offer free schooling).